Best Stock Broker In India Top 5

Who are the best stock broker in india ? if you are new in stock market or even if you have been in market for a while you would have heard of stock broker or share broker .

Best stock broker india

a stock broker is one who provides you a platform to buy or sell ( exchange ) of shares between you and stock exchange of india , india has two stock exchange NSE ( National stock exchange ) And BSE (Bombay stock exchange) where you can buy and sell shares but you can not directly buy it or sell it from exchange , so it is necessary for you to open a demat and trading account for investing and trading .

Without stock broker it is not possible for you to invest or trade in the stock market , I would briefly like to tell you difference between investing and trading if you are new in share market :


S.NoInvesting Trading
1Investing in terms of share market is basically buying shares of the company for long period. to make Cumulative return of invested amountTrading is basically buying the shares of an company for short period of time to make profit in short span of time
2How long is long ? basically long period means more than a year , Here investor view is to focus on long term growth of investment. In trading buyer looks for an opportunity to buy share of an company and sell in short period of time for quick profit
There are many types of trading Intraday , Swing etc.


So in the above table i have shared a brief difference between Investing and Trading , in case you are new , you should know what you are going to do between these two , i have shared it because i will be sharing best stock broker for both investing and trading purpose .


Best Stock broker in india  :


S.No.Broker NameRanking
1ICICI Direct2
2HDFC Securities3
5Angel broking5

We have listed above stock brokers in term of reliability , customer support , brokerage charges , trading platform performance , research and market tips .


1    Zerodha (best stock broker in india )

Best Stock broker in india 


Zerodha is one of the best stock broker in india , zerodha broking limited was founded in August 2010 ,  after which the company has grown exponentially there are some reason see below :

It has 300rs/- account opening charges for both equity and commodity and 300rs/- annual maintenance charges .

1Over 1.5 million + client base .Some of the others discount brokers provide more leverage .
2Great customer support.
3Brokerage charges are best for both delivery and intaday .
4Nice and smooth trading platform in both mobile and PC.


2. ICICI DIRECT  (Best full service stock broker in india )


icici direct review


Icici direct is bank based , full service stock broker , it is one of the most reliable among users because it comes from banking background . icici direct brokerage has 2nd most largest customer base . Account opening charge for icici varies from o to 975 rs.

It has no AMC for first year and from 2nd year onward charges are 700rs. Pro'sCon's
1Comes from a banking backgroundNot best for intraday trading.
2Reliablemobile app has over 1m+ download but only 3.1* rating which is not best .
3Great customer support.High brokerage charges for both intaday and delivery.
43 in 1 demat account you can trade invest and no need to add money from external payment gateway you can add directly from your account


3. HDFC Securities

hdfc sec. review

HDFC securities is also one of the top notch bank based full service stock broker , and is highly reliable because it comes from banking background , HDFC Securities has no account opening charge for demat account , But has 750 AMC (Annual maintenance charge ).

1Highly reliable comes from banking background Brokerage are slightly higher as compared to discount broker.
2Great customer support.
3Over 7 lakh + client base
4No demat account opening charge


4. Upstox

Best Stock broker in india

Upstox is also a good discount stock broker with 6 lakh + active client base , upstox is good for intaday as well as delivery trade , upstox has two plans basic plan provide upto 20x leverage and priority plan which provides upto 25x leverage .


Upstox brokerage charges are also good for both intraday and equity delivery .

1Discount broker + Reliable .There are some stock brokers which provides more leverage .
2Provides good leverage up to 20x
on cash segment .
3 has 6 lakh + active client.
4Nice and clean trading platform with 3.8* rating on playstore


5. Angel Broking


Angel broking is at no. 5th with 6 lakh + active client base , angel broking has Zero account opening fee , it’s AMC for demat account is 450rs/- per year , angel broking has nice and clean trading platform and its brokrage charges are also good .


16 lakh + client base .Some stock brokers provide more leverage .
3Low brokerage charges .
4nice and fast trading platform .


Conclusion :

Above I have mentioned  best stock broker in india  these are among the top 5 in term of client base , support and performance , one thing i would like to conclude that :

For trading and intraday trades : Use zeodha , upstox , angel broking because these are discount broker , they provide you more exposure/margin , and their trading platform are very fast , one more point is that you will have to pay very less brokrage as compared to full service broker.

For Investment purpose : I would suggest you to go with full service broker like hdfc and icici because they belong to banking sector and are more reliable too .


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